The Chef

- Chef Derin Ojo.

Derin Ojo sits atop The Sense of Taste Specialty Caterers and he is proud to be in the culinary arts, having crafted his skills in a variety of amazing culinary environments he decided to set up the company.

During his formative phase, he became increasingly interested in food and the process of making it, so he began spending more time in the kitchen. His passion for food is fostered by his family. He also credits his love for food to be inspired by countless trips to the food market with his mother; he remembers those days fondly and this upbringing helped him develop an appreciation for the effort, time and sacrifice that goes into bringing food to the table, this gave him the edge to take his cooking to the next level.

Prior to the establishment of the business, he and his family were known for throwing great parties both from the organizational point and the sumptuous meals that were served. Family and friends would and still do consistently seek advice and assistance from him to organize and prepare meals for functions.

As a result of growing requests; some of which were bordering next to demands, he dove into the culinary scene to hone his skills and food savvy.

Derin is inspired by a variety of eclectic culinary styles and credits his passion for food to art; food is his take on being an artiste, he controls the day to day running of the business and personally supervises the preparation of all menus. His personal interaction and understanding of client’s needs is an important aspect of the second to none service provided by the company.

Derin also offers private chef services and training to those who have a knack for eclectic culinary styles.